Vocabat on FB

The big 0-2 is coming up for Vocabat, and I want to make a lot of changes to the site. I’m also going to have a lot of free time on my wings in October, and what better use of my time than improvements to the blog? One thing I just added is a Facebook page. ¡Ya era hora! Losing Google Reader back in July was devastating (both as a blogger and as a blog reader), but Facebook is still as convenient and useful as ever. Scroll down and click on Like (or Me gusta) on the right side of the page, and you’ll find an easy way to stay abreast of new posts. ¡Gracias! There are a lot of exciting things in the works for Vocabat, so you definitely want to stay in touch.


2 responses to “Vocabat on FB

  1. So everything will be in Facebook? What if somebody is not in FB? Does it only affect the comments?


    • Actually, it’s just a way for people to follow the blog, show their support, and if they REALLY, REALLY love me, even share and promote it. Many people used to use Google Reader to keep track of the blogs they read, but that service no longer exists. I know there are some others, but each has their respective quirks. So, I think readership’s gone down a bit. (I know I’ve lost track of several blogs.) However, most people are on FB. So, if they are, they can just like the page, and then they will have an easy way to see new posts. Comments are still here! Since you are obviously on the ball and haven’t lost track of me, it seems like you won’t be missing a thing :)


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