Feliz día del padre

Watch this short video and just try to keep a dry eye. I had tears running down both cheeks, casi a moco tendido. And I work closely with pregnant women (and men) every day! How sweet that they were able to share some of the intimate thrills of pregnancy with the fathers.

Here’s a picture of my parents when they were pregnant with me.


I really wish my parents didn’t live so far away on days like today so I could give them a big hug. If you remember, they live in Nicaragua. I’m going to visit them in December, though, and I can’t wait. I long to see them, and I long to be in Latin America again. And exploring a new country! (Too bad relations between Colombia and Nicaragua these days are getting thornier.) I know I talk about my adopted Colombian families on this blog significantly more than my own, but that’s only because my blog is focused on Spanish and, as you can imagine, time with my family is 99.9% in English. All that being said, my family is wonderful. My siblings are all such talented, deep, colorful and good-hearted people, and my parents are too cool for words. Mm, let’s see: they live in Nicaragua, and they’re about to buy land in the countryside to start a sustainable farm where they’ll raise tilapia, chickens, plantains, and tomatoes. What else do you need to know? Having grown up in Venezuela, my mom speaks Spanish, and my dad is a very, very, very juicioso learner. I’m so proud of his progress and his efforts. I know that the first year thrown into an all-Spanish environment can be dizzying, discouraging, and daunting, but the second year gets so much better. Soon I’ll be asking him to remind me how to say words. I hope he rubs it in.

What is my dad like? Here, I found an old chat where I told my mom that an old boyfriend reminded me of my dad, probably the highest compliment I could pay anyone. When she pressed me about what I meant, I said this:

well, he reminds me of dad because he’s really calm and coolheaded. quieter, very creative and “zany,” affectionate, makes me laugh like a little girl (exactly the way that dad makes you laugh), and laughs uproariously at everything I have to say

Yes, my dad is all of those fantastic things. We can also throw in fair, gentle, serving, smart, humble, and adoring/uxorious. Sure, he’s not perfect, but he has always been an encouragement and a source of support to me. Here’s a picture of the two of us at the beach and pictures of him playing with Nicaraguan kids at the burn hospital where he and my mom volunteer. I think it’s obvious how loving, fun, and kind he is.






¡Feliz día del padre, papá!


2 responses to “Feliz día del padre

  1. so sweet (:


  2. Nice! Very nice.


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