¡Frescamente espichada! Mejor dicho, Freshly Pressed!

It’s a red-letter day here on Vocabat–I’ve just been Freshly Pressed! ¡Yupi! ¡Estoy que brinco! The cool people behind the scenes at WordPress picked the post that I wrote on all things cursi a few weeks back to feature on their home page. What an honor and encouragement! I look forward to receiving what I hope will be some interesting comments (and maybe even ideas for future posts) and getting to know other rad bloggers out there. Thanks to all of my long-time loyal readers for sticking with me and supporting this strange, directionless blog over the last year and a half. It’s been an interesting flight for our little Vocabat. 

Fui por lana y no salí trasquilada

Fui por lana y no salí trasquilada–¡yupi!

How would I say freshly pressed in Spanish? Above, you’ll see my completely non-kosher version, and–don’t worry–I know it’s causing a great deal of consternation, pena ajena, and serious eyebrow-raising regarding my Spanish abilities among my readers. You see, espichar is a super Colombian way of saying to press as in to press a button (oprimir, pulsar). Frescamente . . . pues, obvio. The context is all kinds of wrong, though. This may be the kind of shoddy translation we’ve come to expect from machine translation and second-rate translators who are willing to work practically for free, but hopefully you know by now that you can expect a little more from Vocabat. OK, a lot more!

WordPress would be Prensa palabras, just as we can have a prensa ajos (garlic press). The most literal and succinct translation, then, of Freshly Pressed would be recién prensado. Or recién publicado. Another possibility to connote hot off the press could be con la tinta fresca. The ink hasn’t even dried on this bad boy. The ink is so fresh it glistens. Maybe for online writing we’ll have to tweak it to con los píxels frescos. Got any better suggestions for Freshly Pressed in Spanish? In the name of professionalism and translation integrity, frescamente espichada obviously will not do. Since this award kind of makes me queen for a day, though, I’m going to milk this oh-so-fleeting distinction for all it’s worth and give frescamente espichada the A-OK. Any would-be pedantic quibblers can take it up with me in private.


20 responses to “¡Frescamente espichada! Mejor dicho, Freshly Pressed!

  1. con la tinta fresca. The ink hasn’t even dried on this bad boy.

    Elegantly Cute!


  2. Love that image! Happy to have stumbled on your blog. As mentioned in my email, there’s lovely, eloquent writing here.


    • I love the picture as well! I just went out back to the barnyard, told the sheep to jump, and he said “How high?” :)

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Cheri. They mean a lot. I’m happy and honored to have you here.


  3. Frescamente espichada it is! I might just start using that when the time comes. Congratulations.


  4. Me gusta tu post !! adelante con el español el mejor idioma que hay :)


  5. And speaking of overly literal translation, how do you like this sign :)


  6. I love your sheep!

    También, me encanta tu blog! Eres una bloguera tan talentosa. Ese artículo sobre “cursi” me enseñó mucho. Estoy muy contento para ti y emocionado para este descubrimiento. ¡Voy a leer todos tus posts hoy mientras yo trabajo



  7. Congrats, congrats! I’m so happy for you. Keep up the great posts. :)


  8. Katie, I am SO proud of you! Your words always tickle my soul which brings much joyous laughter!


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