Cutest bat video ever (!!!!!)

You’ve all clammed up! Am I blogging to an empty room? A void? A mirror? Are the hundred plus daily visits due to nothing more than a pack of hungry spam bots descending on my blog? Hmm. Well, spammers need to learn Spanish, too, I guess. I know, you’re all scrambling for Valentine’s dates. No? OK, it’s just me, then. Well, whatever the mysterious reasons are, you’re all completely entitled to them, of course.

I can’t believe that, given the green light to share about encouraging feedback you’ve gotten on your Spanish, only one person jumped at the chance. It wasn’t about gloating; it was about congratulating ourselves on our hard work and the progress we’ve made. If I were to blog about every time I feel discouraged, annoyed with myself, disheartened, embarrassed, like a failure, as if all were hopeless–! I’d have to write something like twenty posts a day. Instead, I filter out all that negative self-talk, forget the embarrassing episodes, remember the positive feedback, and think of everything I can say and do. And I trudge forward. If I’ve made so much progress in three and a half years and I’ve barely been trying, just imagine where I could be in three more years if I were to ponerme las pilas!

And the last post? Who knows, maybe it just wasn’t your cup of tea. Or maybe you were rendered commentless. I know the feeling; I must read fifty or so blogs via Google Reader and yet only comment on around four. Even my favorite blog whose posts I practically live for and of which I devour every word and then lick the plate clean over and over– I only comment there once in a very blue moon. I can’t very well ask you to comment more and lurk less when I myself am the queen of lurking. I know we all mean well. And sometimes you just need a comment vacation. Silence is golden, eh?

Maybe things have gotten too heady? Well, let’s lighten the mood. How could we have a little fun around here? Hey, I know–a cat video! America’s number one pastime: watching funny cat videos on Youtube! Wait, wait. Cats on a bat site? That won’t do. Wait a minute, wait a minute; what is this I see on the Colombian station Caracol today? A bat video? Unbelievable! Another day in the sun for us chimbilás!

So, I edited the video so you’re only seeing this segment (which was sandwiched between some other news stories) and put it on Youtube. It’s about . . . wait for it . . . a BAT ORPHANAGE in Australia. (Bat World Sanctuary) Pero, ¡qué pecaooo! I absolutely promise you, you have never seen bats looking so adorable. (Not even this one) They’re bundled up in little blankets, drinking milk from bottles, squeaking, crawling, and everything. Plus, you can listen to a Colombian accent. What’s not to love?

There used to be a Youtube video here-- waaaaaahhhh

There used to be a Youtube video here– waaaaaahhhh

If this doesn’t warm your hearts, I don’t know what would. I could also create some Lolbats images (I can has inzects?), but I don’t want to try too hard to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Comments or no comments, you know I’ll keep blogging about Spanish and keep inviting you to enjoy along with me. Thanks for reading, friends.

Update: The video got blocked! (copyright infringement, whoops) Noooooo. Qué bruta. Come on, Caracol, not even for a language blog that only sings the praises of Colombian speech and culture? It’s not like I’m making any money here. Hmm. Well, I’ll work on it. This bat is nothing if not recursiva. No time to fix it now, though. Maybe in a few hours.


14 responses to “Cutest bat video ever (!!!!!)

  1. Jack Butterworth

    Now seems to be the moment for leaving my first comment since starting following this blog. Two random musings for the day:

    Learnt the cool construction, “cuánto calzas?” for asking someone’s shoe size. SO much neater than the English.

    And installed shiny new Windows 8, downloaded the Colombian Spanish language pack and was immediately presented with the choice of whether to mark voseo verb forms as wrong or right in spellcheck. Nice!


    • So pleased that you’ve made your presence known, Jack Butterworth! You seem like my kind of reader :)

      Yes, I’ve always loved the verb calzar as well. You’ve probably noticed that calzado is a common way to say shoes/footwear, and you’ll see it in stores.

      Are you living in Bogotá? Lucky you! I’ve been thinking about that city a lot lately. How did you enjoy the Día sin carro today? And how’s the Spanish?


      • Jack Butterworth

        Haha I guess you’re my kind of blogger then Katie! :) We seem to take the same pleasure from Spanish’s little things at the least.

        Yes, I noticed calzado on a trip to that omnipresent shoe store, Spring Step. I’ll confess I fumbled when a chap asked what it meant!

        I am yes, right up in the north (7a con 174.) Spent 6 months here now and got three more before I have to go back. What in particular have you been thinking about Bogotá?

        Haha the Día sin carro completely passed me by! I’m lucky enough to be lodged in the school where I work, and didn’t have any reason to be outside the gates yesterday. The Spanish is coming along. Last August was a big step up after just doing it a little bit at school, but I don’t miss much now. Going to Spain this summer, and NOT looking forward to exorcising the “que pena”s and “me regales por favor”s from my speech!


        • Thanks!

          Yes, Spring Step. I’d forgotten about that place. Yes, omnipresent is just the word for it.

          Re: Bogota, I’ve just been thinking about all my friends and loved ones there. Nothing too original. Very cool that you’ve been teaching. Hope you’ve had a great experience. I’m sure you’ll have a blast in Spain as well.


  2. Son tímidos? No sé, yo es que para la política tiendo a ser, controversial, o mejor soy una gueva. Pero no, yo comparto tu entusiasmo por el Español, en el sentido de enamorarse por un idioma, y como dice una amiga mía “la modestia para los pobres!”


  3. Hi Katie,
    I just got back from Spanish class; yes, I’m still learning! I always enjoy reading your blogs; keep ’em coming!


    • Thanks, Alicia! You’re always so sweet. Way to go on keeping up with your studies! What are you learning right now? I’m sure you’ve made so much progress over the past few years.

      Un abrazo!


  4. I love your blog! I really do! In my case, doing two languages at one time A MI, ME PARECE GENIAL :). MUCHAS GRACIAS.


  5. Here’s a cat video you must see if you haven’t!
    (If you have never owned a cat before then the video will lack humor)


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