Feliz año nuevo

I wanted to pop in and wish all of you a happy new year! I know I disappeared for a while– I just didn’t have the mental focus to blog the last two months. I certainly didn’t lack inspiration, though. I learn so many things every day! I also forget so many things every day– I sometimes feel that for every ten new things I learn, twenty silently slip out the back door. Well, this year I’m committed to doing a much better job of guarding those words (by using them over and over again) to make sure they don’t sneak out on me when I turn my back.

I’m also going to blog much more regularly. I’d like to be more whimsical and just blog when words and phrases strike me. For example, I was going through my mountains of papers the other day, when I came across the phrase cortar el bacalao. To cut the cod. Hmmm. Whatever could it mean??? Stay tuned and you’ll find out.

What are your propósitos for the new year in regards to Spanish? I have two. One, I want to start teaching private classes. Two, I am going to massively increase my amount of listening in Spanish, and this will mostly be via watching TV and listening to podcasts. (Of native material, not material for learners) I’ll go into more detail on why sometime later this week. It probably wouldn’t hurt me to start writing again on Lang-8 either; now that I’m not writing regular love letters in Spanish like I used to, my writing skills aren’t what they used to be.

Thinking back on 2012, I’m very pleased that I read a lot in Spanish– I’ll blog about that later. I’m also pleased that since I moved back to the US a year ago, both of the jobs I’ve had have been 100% in Spanish. Plus, I got to spend 5 weeks in South America over the summer. Who could complain?! Not me, that’s for sure. Still, I know I can learn much more this year, challenge myself significantly more, and do more fun and cool things in Spanish that don’t include endlessly talking about Spanish. A little more action, a little less navel-gazing, please. That’s my desire, anyway.

What are your goals? What actions and progress and new habits are you proud of from 2012? Again, just focusing on Spanish. Let’s make it a great year for all of us! May this year be fruitful and fun and very, very pleasurable.

(It's not a leap year, but you get the idea.)

(It’s not a leap year, but you get the idea.)


14 responses to “Feliz año nuevo

  1. loopingpensamientos

    What a coincidence! My students just taught me that expression the other day, ‘Quien corta el bacalao?’. I like it!

    Also, what jobs do you have that are completely in Spanish? Sounds interesting and something that I would like to look into for the future.

    Happy new year!


    • Haha, yes. Vaya casualidad. I like it, too.

      From February to June, I worked for a software company and was a data analyst. It’s kind of hard to explain what I did, but basically I had to read Spanish-language newspapers all day. Since then, I’ve worked as a medical interpreter at a local hospital. I like it a lot– it’s very interesting.

      Happy new year to you, too! :)


  2. Hi. It’s been months since I did anything with my Spanish. I’m focusing on Italian and I even bought me a Christmas present to boost my wordpower, a piece of software where you can learn vocab by doing computer-generated exercises :) Let’s hope my motivation will be higher this year and the gift won’t just sit there gathering (cyber)dust.
    Plus, resuming my Lang-8 blog sounds like a plan too. I actually wrote 2 or 3 entries some time ago, but somehow discarded the whole comeback idea.


    • Hey! That software sounds great. What is it called? I read four books this year that were translations from Italian, and the idea to study Italian did pop into my mind… Why do you study it? What do you like about the language? It sure is beautiful.

      See you on Lang-8 :)


      • http://www.jezykiobce.pl/profesor-marco-60-slownictwo,615.html (it’s only available in Polish, though). I find Italian vocab easier to remember than Spanish. The grammar is trickier, though. When I was studying Spanish at the uni, a short introduction course in Italian was one of the available electives, so I decided to give it a try. In the later years, after the course ended, it has been terribly on-and-off (self-discipline is definitely NOT my strong point…), but I learned most of what I know by myself using SuperMemo courses on CDs.


  3. ¡Yeah! I a m proud of my readings in english in 2012. Now, I am going to speak more, and, maybe, speak a lot, who nows!


    • That’s great! What did you read?

      Yes, yes. Speak a lot! And listen even more. Don’t be shy! The ones who make the most mistakes (and then learn from them) are the ones who learn the quickest. Good luck! :)


  4. ¡Feliz año nuevo!
    I was wondering if you could recommend any podcasts for beginners. I’ve been listening to Note in Spanish (beginners/intermediate) and am looking for something new.
    Gracias. Y espero que este año le traiga muchas cosas buenas:)


    • Charles, I don’t have any recommendations right now for beginners, but I’ll be on the lookout for them! I have always been impressed by Notes in Spanish; however, I find it to be very Spanish, whereas I am much more interested in Latin America.

      ¡Muchas gracias! Lo mismo para ti. Pero no voy a esperar a que el año me traiga cosas buenas, sino buscarlas yo misma. Y crearlas ;)


  5. ¡Andabas perdida!

    Estoy seguro que habrás visto todas las visitas que vengo haciendo a tu blog desde la última que vez que escribiste una entrada. :P

    Qué bueno que vuelvas a Lang-8. Se te extraña.

    Es raro, pero últimamente vengo notando que me olvido mucho vocabulario. Sigo aprendiendo, obvio, pero también me olvido muchísimas cosas. Hay poderes misteriosos conspirando contra nosotros. ^^

    Bueno, amiga, espero que hayas pasado estas fiestas con tus seres queridos y que todo esté bien por allá. ¡Espero verte prontito en Lang-8!




    • Siiiii, muy perdida. Jaja. ¿En serio que me has hecho muchas visitas? ¿Qué leés? ¿Viejas entradas? Qué lindo, no sabía que eras vos, pues no reconocí tus huellas ;)

      Gracias por todas tus palabras tan lindas. Me sacaron una sonrisa, además una risita. Vos también me hacés falta a mí. Y muchas gracias por decirme que vos también te has estando perdiendo vocabulario– ¡ni te podés imaginar cuánto me alegra eso! Jaja, pues no quiero parecer mala onda pero eso me anima mucho, pues siempre guardo una imagen de vos como Funés el memorioso, o sea, que devorás palabras diariamente y que jamás se te olvidan, es decir, que tenés un vocabulario colosal. Pero ahora veo que esa gran conspiración del universo te aflige a vos también. Qué bien, jeje ;)

      Sí, nos vemos. Saludes. Un abrazo.


  6. Jaja, qué bueno que te saqué no solo una risa sino también una risita. ;)

    Sí, algunas veces paso y leo viejas entradas, pero generalmente me fijo si volviste a escribir. Estaba un poquito preocupado. =P

    Jaja, ¿viste? Soy de carne y hueso, y ¡mucho más vulnerable que lo que vos te imaginás!

    Saludos amiga. Me encanta verte contenta y feliz. :)


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