Language Professors Hate Her

I’ve been rendered completely speechless. Someone is apparently making money off my good name (and good looks . . . and good Spanish). It also hurts a bit to find out that I’m downright HATED by a group of people that I simply can’t fathom how I might have pissed off, a group whose ranks I was considering joining. Still, I completely agree with their approach. In fact, I honestly couldn’t come up with a better product if I tried. Here, have a look.

(Up close)

(Soooo much better and infinitely less annoying than that other guy whose face I was seeing plastered all over my interwebs, though, don’t you agree?)

Let me know if you’d support replacing his moronic ad with my own much cooler version. I mean, has Pimsleur actually made any sales from that banner? That ad is creepy. At least my method is fun. Oh well, ¡vamos Colombia!


4 responses to “Language Professors Hate Her

  1. Dr Oz has the same problem so you’re in good company!


  2. I love this! Clever, very, very clever.


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