How people find my blog, volume three

More answers to your burning questions. Anonymous searchers, you’re why I blog. Please don’t ever lose your sense of wonder.

who will be romneys vp? they better know spanish – I know the higher-ups will be grateful to know this once I pass it along to them.

experience with colombian boyfriends – In a word, BAD. Stay away at all costs! Don’t trust them further than you can throw them! Don’t touch them with a ten-foot pole. I wouldn’t wish one on my worst enemy. Oh wait, boyfriends? Never mind. I’ve only had one. (Totally kidding– he was great.)

a word that starts with u for colombia – I remember that in third grade, we had to decorate the name cards on our desks by listing qualities about ourselves for every letter. My chum, Lauren, got stuck on ‘u’ and asked me for help. I guess I thought I was a real wisenheimer and devilishly suggested “ugly.” Ouch. I still wince. She then retorted, “Oh, yeah? Well, for ‘t’ you should consider “turd”!”. The shame of this advice was further driven in by the fact that I did not, at that tender age, know what “turd” meant. And I had to ask, confirming that, you know, it wasn’t a flower. Learning from my mistakes sixteen years ago, I’ll resist the urge to be witty or droll. My suggestions: underdeveloped, underappreciated, underling, unflappable, uxorious. The last word thrown in there just because it’s one of my favorite qualities.

no f’ing way irony – Yes f’ing way. I’m living proof. If I can do it, anyone can. I’m sick of your excuses and your passive-aggressive jibes via Google searches, as if I can’t see right through you. Bring your sorry ass around here just one more time and I’ll publicly shame you, you mealy-mouthed naysayer. Oh, irony?

snoopy snoopy snoopy can’t you see – Ha. Somebody’s getting their old-school rappers mixed up, and it’s not me.

cumbambas feas  I suppose the skyrocketing chin surgery biz has hit Medellín? Interesting that it’s called a mentoplasty—clear connection with mentón. Cumbambaplastía in Medellín and Cali?

i need to know a word that means a meal for a cow from the spanish language – I need to know why you need to know this first.

how can I find my blog? – The utter ineptness of strangers never fails to give my self-esteem a shot in the arm.

how can i punctuate words in spanish on my phone – Assuming that they’re referring to putting the accent on words, I’d just like to say that I feel this searcher’s pain. I always accented words on my Colombian cell phone, but my American one doesn’t let me. It kind of kills me to have to put “Donde estubistes” and not be able to put Dónde.

talking to housekeeping in spanish phrases – Whatever you do, please don’t say mopear.

spanish sayings about cows – A mí me gustan las cuentas claras y las vacas bien gorditas. Hijo de vaca sale mugiendo. No hay vaca que por pasto no venga. Váyase con esa vaca a misa.

get a fea in one’s ear – Sounds problematic! Good luck getting that fea out.

why colombian say juicioso so much – Why you gotta hate so much?

most stuff sounds better in spanish – Hear, hear!

wise words from tweety – I postulate that I beheld a feline, therefore I am a feline.

spanish words that can go into english raps – If you use any of the ones you found on my blog, I respectfully request a shout-out.

how big is my spanish vocabulary – SO big! This is the game parents need to be playing with their infants, right after pat-a-cake.

english speaking crush anyway – Yeah, forget her! Only the ones who learn Spanish are worth getting your heart broken.

do you think that ecuadorian culture will have changed a lot more like english speaking culture – I do. It absolutely will have.

why has flindermouse word changed to bat – Is this from a person old enough to remember when they were called flindermice?

funny color blind jokes – You are one sick puppy.

i’m half thai and half spanish – Well done. Please come back next week to claim your prize.

alvin and the chipmunks having a parte! – I find the enthusiasm of this search too adorable. I imagine a gaggle of seven-year-old girls huddled around the computer, and I can just imagine their squeals of delight upon discovering my Spanish blog. They probably stayed up all night reading my entries and now want to be me when they grow up.

whence came the punctation marks of (the upside down question mark & explanation marks) of the spanish written language? – Whither will you take this information?

free is my favorite word in spanish – “Free” is my favorite word in all languages.

Here are a few of the things people wanted to be able to say in Spanish:

how to say may i have your bat in spanish

a spanish term used to indicate that you feel good, motivated

how do you say bat blinders in spanish?

my handsome boyfriend in spanish

wipe of eggs off in spanish

how do i write in spanish, no just studying and catching up on my spanish tonight, sweet friend

i am thinking of your eyes, spanish

a spanish word to describe not talking

what’s up darling in spanish

how to say condom in colombian spanish


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