Bats in my belfry

As much as I tried, I was simply incapable of sharing all of my recent dictionary escapades with you in the last post. I’ll touch on one in another entry, but for now I’d just like to share a few things I found that came close to home. (A cave, in case you were wondering) If you thought Vocabat was a cool name, just look at the alternate names some of my bat brethren have been going by, trying to be all incognito.





Aren’t they rad? How sweet would it be to point at a bat in the sky and shriek, “Look! A flintymouse!”? That is, one bad-ass vermin. A mouse with balls. A rodent you don’t want to mess with. Or take my parents. They’re in Ecuador right now, and the other night a bat stealthily entered through the window, causing no small amount of sheer panic on my mom’s part. But a bat by any other name perhaps could have even seemed sweet; surely anything called a name as precious as “flindermouse” would have inspired cooing and cuddling instincts in her, not murderous ones. Breaking it down etymologically, it can mean either butterfly-mouse or moth-mouse. Again, as always, I digress.

Other noteworthy news on the bat front includes the fact that chimbila has recently risen up the ranks to become the number one search term for this blog. In March, after writing what I gloatingly declare to be the definitive treatise on chimbilás and Colombian Spanish, I ordered Google to send me more chimbilá enthusiasts. Google, of course, knew better than to ignore me. Well, almost. In fact, he sends me mostly chimbila pilgrims, which are almost the same thing. Note the missing accent mark. Chimbila schmimbila . . . whatever gets them in.

We were also a front page headline on The Onion this week: Bats Shooed Out Of Nation’s Waterslide Tunnels In Preparation For Summer. A little ignominious, yes, but we took it in stride. We’re great jesters ourselves, we bats.

Well, now that I’ve shaken out all those bats that were flapping around in my head, I should be able to get back to Spanish. There are still a million things I want to share with you. I’ve just been a little busy lately, that’s all.


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