Friday Five – Le falta mucho pelo para el moño, cotorrear, poyo, cumbamba, sonda

This is the second installment of the Friday Five, a feature where I simply share five of the words I picked up in the week that especially caught my eye/ear. Feel free to share words you learned this week, too.

1. Le falta mucho pelo para el moño –  to have a long way to go, to be (at least currently) unable

Literally, you’ll need a lot more hair for that bow. Think, an NCAA hotshot dreaming of the NFL, Jon Huntsman going for the Republican nomination, maybe you working on Spanish fluency. Possible? Yes. But you’d better get a move on. Sometimes we just know the person will never be cut out for it, though.

2. Cotorrear – to chatter

This is mostly an addendum to the last FF when I shared hablar como una cotorra- to talk a lot. Turns out there’s a verb for that. Apparently not used all that frequently, but personal interest motivated its inclusion.

3. Poyo – kitchen counter

I learned this from my suegra while we were apartment shopping. They don’t have kitchen islands here (so American!), but you can use poyo for the countertop attached to the wall. Mesón is also used.

4. Cumbamba – chin

What a word! Sounds like a cross between cumbia and samba music, but it’s actually just your chin. I think this is VERY Colombian, and more specifically, VERY Paisa (used in Medellín and the Antioquia department). You can use mentón with your doctor to save face. Cumbamba everywhere else.

5. Sonda – tube, catheter

Yes, it was an interesting conversation that, fortunately, did not include visuals.

_________________________________________________ Non-natives, what’s your experience with these words? Had you heard them before? How have you heard them used? Where? If you’re a native Spanish speaker, anything to correct, clarify, comment on or concur with?


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